Monday, December 19, 2005

20 Questions

Yep, ang walang kamatayang 20 Questions na nauso sa e-mail (at recently, sa Friendster) na, in theory, ay dapat makakatulong sa bonding ninyong magkakaibigan dahil, sabi nga ng cliche, "you get to know new things about them," pero actually, ay isang magandang database ng blackmail material.

So bakit ko shineshare? Una sa lahat, wala akong paki. Yes. Pangalawa, wala akong malagay na entry ngayon, kaya magsasayang ako ng bandwidth at oras ng reader sa meaningless trivial crap na may meaning lang sa mundo ko. O sa extension ng mundo ko. Which is this blog.

Anyways, ninakaw ko lang ito kay duskwatcher, na ninakaw rin daw niya mula kay Kitty.

Okay. Start!


1 If you were to commission a musician to make the soundtrack of your life, who would it be?

Sonic Youth. O kaya Lush, kaso disbanded na sila. Pero Sonic Youth ang top priority.

2 What would make you lose sleep?

Work, work, work, at mga pitch efforts na babarilin lang ng mga taong walang imagination, at common sense, at sense of humor. Pero sila ang may pera, which I need. Damn it.

3 What is the most original breakup line you've ever heard?

"It's not me. It's you." Oi Duskwatcher, eto ang variant na common sa akin. Hehehehe!

4 What could you have been in your past life?

Very angry bloodthirsty warrior. Samurai, Roman soldier, ewan.

5 If you can travel anywhere in the world, which country will be your first stop?

Thailand. Sarap ng street food.

6 If you could belong to any TV Family which family would you choose to belong to?

None. The evil wolf works alone.

7 What song reminds you of your last relationship?

"Drugs Won't Work" by the Verve

8 If the door to your room had a sign on top of it (to at least give the people who are about to enter a warning), what would it say?

Trespassers will be horribly mutilated ;) (yep, kasama yung smiley)

9 You're a cake. What kind are you?

Black Forest. Wala lang.

10 Fill in the blanks. If I wasn't so _______, I would have been _______ by now.

Creative; a rich corporate yuppy

11 What is the deepest, most desperate desire of your heart?

Money and World domination

12 What is your favorite household appliance?

Electric Fan

13 If you suddenly find yourself onstage in front of thousands of people, what song would you sing?

"Get The Fuck Out" by Skid Row

14 What made you smile today?

Hotwheels New Beetle Cup variants

15 What did you eat that gave you food poisoning?

Unknowingly consumed lotsa spoiled chicken in a debut once, and I'm the only person who came out unharmed. All the other people got ill. Hence the start of the legend of "Iron Guts Jol." No, I'm not kidding.

16 What weird food concoctions do you enjoy?

A bag of Mallow Blast, and a half-liter of Coke.

17 If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

Lone wolf.

18 Of all of the Halloween costumes you have ever worn, which one was your favorite?

Never had a Halloween costume I liked. My favorite costume is this Priest uniform I donned a few days ago.

19 What do you do to stay awake during long, boring classes/meetings?

Why fight it?

20 If there were no tomorrow, what would you do today?

Sleep, sleep... precious sleep...


Blogger curiouskitty said...

congrats! sumagot ka ng sarbee!:-) hehe. merry xmas sa pinaka angsty na priest na kilala ko. :-)

1:57 PM  

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