Friday, June 27, 2008

What's happiness?

You're in a restaurant. For the last hour you've been chugging down mugs of bottomless iced tea.

Then, you feel the need to relieve yourself.

You go to the CR and find that it's out of order. The only option is to go out and find a public toilet.

So you hold it in and call the waiter to pay the bill.

The waiter takes his time while you almost curl on your seat.

The bill arrives. You whip out your wallet then find out, to your shock and horror, that your cash won't cover the bill.

So you use your credit card instead.

The waiter takes it.

You wait again. This time you stand and walk around your table while holding in all those iced tea.

The waiter goes back, and tells you that the bank is offline. You take your other credit card and hand it over. The waiter goes back to the counter again.

After what seems like an eternity, the waiter comes back and you sign the forms.

You dash outside the restaurant into the mall.

The mall is packed with people. It takes all of your concentration to hold everything in.

A fountain splashes loudly in plain view. You try to avoid looking at it.

You squeeze through the crowd, searching for the restroom, but your mind can't concentrate on your bladder and your sense of direction at the same time.

You try to run, but the movement just makes things worse, so you opt to walk. Slowly.

Each step is torture.

Then, you see the familiar CR icon on a door. You rush to it, only to find that it's locked because it's for mall employees only.

A guard walks past you and you call out to him.

You ask him for directions to the nearest comfort room.

He apologizes and tells you that it's his first day of work. He takes out his pocketbook guide and looks into it.

He finally gives you vague directions.

You walk agonizingly slow.

Everything seems to melt before your eyes in a blurry haze of madness.
You can only feel the pressure building inside you, this pressure that can burst any moment.

Then you see it.

The open door of the restroom.

With teary eyes, you sigh your relief as you walk slowly towards it.

You enter the restroom to see lots of people inside.

You fall in line.

The excitement builds more and more as you get nearer the urinal.

Finally, you reach the urinal.

You zip open your fly.

You let it all loose.

Now, this exact moment of release, this instance of freedom - this is HAPPINESS!


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